YASDA Ultra-Precision Machining Solutions


World-Class Die & Mould Applications

YASDA Ultra-Precision Machining Solutions

YASDA is World’s leading manufacturer in Ultra-Precision Jig Borer machines. Global customers when need super precision machines in applications of Die & Mould, Aviation, Medical Electronics, Mobile Dies, Precision Cylinder Block/ Head machining requirements, most of them have YASDA machines as first choice.

Ever since YASDA was established in 1929, the company has been focusing on manufacturing high precision machines. YASDA manufacture complete range of Vertical CNC Jig Borer, Horizontal Precision Center, 5-Axis Precision Center, Micro-Center for IT Part manufacturing. These machines are manufactured and assembled in strict temperature control of 1 degree.

YASDA manufacture full range of Vertical CNC Jig Borer, YBM 640V (Table 600×400 mm), YBM950V (900×500), YBM9150V (1500 x 900), YBM1218V (1800 x 1200). All YASDA machines employ through hardened box guide ways combined with roller pack bearings for smooth and high response, are designed for high precision dies and moulds as well as machine components, parts requiring jig boring accuracies.

YASDA’s direct drive system utilizes a diaphragm coupling that co-axially connects the spindle and the drive motor without causing any backlash. This design allows the electric vibration caused by the drive motor to be isolated and improves the spindle’s rotational accuracy because the spindle’s driving force does not work in the radial direction. The design provide low inertia from spindle, smooth, vibration free accurate rotation for fine grade machining. Vibration free machining increases productivity and tool life.

YASDA machines have integrated column and top beam to stabilize high speed motion. All YASDA machines have rigid and unique symmetrical structure strong against thermal displacement and distortion realizing constant high-precision machining for decades.

YASDA is going to support Indian Die manufacturers for World-Class die production in India to meet Global needs and support “Make in India” program.

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