Ultrasonic Deblinding System for the coating industry



Increase your screening capacity with the installation of Russell Vibrasonic Deblinding System

The Powder Coating Industry

Over the past few decades, the powder coating industry has seen double-digit growth in the US and Europe. Many new markets have emerged to take advantage of this high-performance film coating, from automotive components like wheels and suspension systems, to oil and gas piping through to domestic appliances like washing machines and microwave ovens. With its superior toughness and chip resistance and its simple method for overspray recovery, powder coating has proven to provide exceptional coating properties over conventional liquid paint systems. However, over the past few years, with a slowing market and rising raw material costs, manufacturers are being forced to look even more closely at all aspects of their business to maintain growth and healthy profitability.

Traditional Methods of Sieving – Problems Faced

Since the powder in coating processes are designed to hold a static charge, this has traditionally caused problems during screening due to blinding and blocking of the mesh apertures, compromising both product quality and sieving capacity. To overcome this, some manufacturers have experimented with ‘off-line’ screening but this has led to quality control problems. Others have adopted rotary sieves taking advantage of the centrifugal action caused by the impeller forcing the powder through the mesh. However, this can also compromise product quality since very little oversize is collected during the screening process.

Another possibly more concerning drawback to using rotary sieves is that most are fitted with nylon mesh that is prone to breakage. Gravity fed circular vibro sifters are the preferred method since they ensure only particles below the aperture size of the mesh pass through to the filling lines. Historically, spring mounted vibro screens have been used, however, these are very difficult to dismantle resulting in extremely long and laborious clean down times. With the recent changes in the market, batch sizes are reducing creating a need for more frequent product changeovers. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in production downtime and costs due to the amount of time taken to clean down equipment. This therefore has caused manufacturers to become more aware of this process inefficiency and to look at alternative solutions.

Figure 3 - Russell

The Solution – Compact and Easy-Clean Screening

Recently celebrating their 80th anniversary, Russell Finex have been supplying separation solutions to the coatings industry for many years and have therefore obtained a great deal of experience in order to understand the challenges faced and how to overcome them. With investment into developing new products and the advancement in technology, Russell Finex have developed the ultimate vibro screening solution for this application. By combining the vibro sifter Russell Compact Sieve® and Vibrasonic® Deblinding System, the most efficient screening system can be obtained. The Russell Compact Sieve® as its name suggests has a low profile, ‘straight through’, in-line design enabling much higher production rates when compared to other vibrating sifters. These smaller sized sieves are now one of the most widely used screening solutions across numerous industries. Companies appreciate having units with a small footprint as space requirements are often limited, but capacity levels must remain high to ensure there are not bottlenecks in the process which would compromise profitability. Having the motor mounted on the side also means the unit can be installed mid-platform or on a mobile stand allowing filling lines to be installed directly underneath the product outlet saving space (see Figure 3).

Another fundamental feature of this vibro sifter is its easy clean design. When changing colors it is essential that the process lines are cleaned extremely well to prevent cross contamination of batches. Unlike conventional spring mounted or rotary sieves that are notoriously difficult to dismantle and clean, the Russell Compact Sieve® has a hand-operated clamping system, which enables the unit to be dismantled in seconds without the need for tools. In addition, having a crevice free design with very few product contact parts makes cleaning this sieve effortless.

Since 80 years, Russell Finex has been manufacturing and supplying innovative range of vibro screen, vibro sifters, self-cleaning filters, ultrasonic deblinding system and solid liquid separators to a variety of industries which includes coatings, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, adhesives, plastisols, paint, metal powders, ceramics and many more to improve the product quality, enhance productivity, safeguard operator’s health and to ensure powders and liquids are contamination free.

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