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A. Venkatakrishnan,Market Consultant – INDIA, PC|SCHEMATIC A/s
A. Venkatakrishnan,Market Consultant – INDIA, PC|SCHEMATIC A/s

AUTOMATION – electrical CAD software

PC|SCHEMATIC has been a leading Electrical CAD software developer on the global market for 35 years, specialising in intelligent design and documentation of electrical control systems and PLC diagrams, pneumatics and hydraulic systems.

The electrical CAD software PC|SCHEMATIC Automation is designed from the basic concept of setting you free to focus on the electrical aspects, while the program handles the practical side. Beyond the basic drawing functions, Automation offers you a comprehensive series of functions specially designed for electrical projects with IEC/EN standards.

When you click on a component in the component vendor database, you automatically get a menu containing the electrical symbols for the component. By placing these symbols in the diagrams you also transfer information to the electrical diagram which enables the program to fill out order lists or files automatically.

PC|SCHEMATIC Automation can interface with PLC I/O tools, wire numbering tools, label systems, send files for component ordering systems, edit PLC data via Excel, import and export the standard CAD formats DWG and DXF, and update all types of lists automatically. Furthermore the program supports practically any database format, so that it can work with the database format used in your company.

Time saving electrical CAD software PC|SCHEMATIC

Our solution saves 80% time
To make it possible for existing and new users to get started quickly, PC|SCHEMATIC – and its distributors – offers a consulting service, consisting of an analysis of the already existing electrical documentation. Based on this analysis, the optimal set of subdrawings, models and project templates can be effectively created. This also has the consequence that new users can get started creating complete electrical documentation projects really quickly.

In larger companies, this way of working might result in that just one single person needs to be pointed out as the main responsible for creating the company subdrawings, while the others in future almost only will need to create documentation by dragging templates and subdrawings into projects. Experiences from the industry suggest that the documentation time can be reduced by up to 80 percent.

Why should I buy PC|SCHEMATIC Automation?

People buying PC|SCHEMATIC Automation usually tell us they did it because:

  • It is easy to work with, and is very flexible in the everyday work routines.
  • The Module and Model Based drag’n draw functions, makes it possible to create electrical schematic pages extremely fast.
  • We have an excellent support team, and you can get support via NetViewer. Our support team can then see your screen, and guide you directly on your own PC.
  • Intelligent reuse of existing material – with intelligent renaming – saves lots of time.
  • The intelligent connection between database and symbols is unique.
  • Electrical standards are integrated intelligently.
  • Functions for automatic project generation, automatic graphical plan generation and automatic documentation of symbols in projects/libraries.

Can I convert my schematic diagrams from other systems to Automation?
Yes! You can convert schematic diagrams from practically speaking any CAD system to the PC|SCHEMATIC Automation format – as long as the CAD system can produce DWG or DXF files.
PC|SCHEMATIC also offers a consultant service for converting drawings from other systems to the PC|SCHEMATIC Automation format.

Can I export to other formats?

  • From PC|SCHEMATIC Automation, you can export to the DWG and DXF formats.
  • PC|SCHEMATIC is an active member of the OpenDWG alliance.
  • From PC|SCHEMATIC Automation, you can also export projects as intelligent PDF files with active link between references etc.

Electrical standards: How well are they integrated in PC|SCHEMATIC?
At PC|SCHEMATIC we have detailed insight in electrical documentation standards, and we are active members of standardisation committees. We also publish the book “Electrical documentation according to standards”.This insight in the IEC/EN electrical standards is an integrated part of PC|SCHEMATIC Automation. However, the program is designed so flexible, that you can also use it for other standards than the IEC/EN standards. – Even for your own set of standards!
Support: How can I get it?

When you buy PC|SCHEMATIC Automation, you get “Tier 2support” from the PC|SCHEMATIC in India as well from our Head Office Denmark. This can take place using e-mail, telephone or NetViewer (where we can guide you directly on your own PC).

  • Free access to the complete set of electrical design manuals for PC|SCHEMATIC Automation.
  • Free access to our electrical design videos – where you can see PC|SCHEMATIC Automation in action.
  • Free access to articles about electrical design CAD programs.
  • Free access to the PC|SCHEMATIC user forums.

When you have bought PC|SCHEMATIC Automation, you can either attend PC|SCHEMATIC training in your own country, or attend a web seminar about the topics you need to get familiar with. Please contact [email protected] for further details.
Contact us at any time

At PC|SCHEMATIC we are very interested in hearing about your experiences using the PC|SCHEMATIC Automation program. It is because of the feedback from our many users, that we are able to make a better product year by year!

So Feel free to contact us at any time.

Your success is our success

We want YOU to experience success and achieve your goals – regarding your customers, your workers, and your possible superiors. This is important to us. Because when you achieve success, we succeed as well.


Mr Ove Larsen, International Sales Director, PC|SCHEMATIC A/s, Denmark
Mr Ove Larsen, International Sales Director, PC|SCHEMATIC A/s, Denmark