Testo India : Innovation with digitization

Mr. Kalidas Bhangare, Managing Director, Testo India Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Kalidas Bhangare, Managing Director, Testo India Pvt. Ltd.

Q. What are the milestones your company has achieved till date?

Established in 2006, Testo India Pvt. Ltd., is a 100% subsidiary of Testo SE & Co. KGaA, a world leader in design, development and manufacturing of electronic portable test and measuring instruments based in Germany. Testo India started as a small firm with only 4 employees but now with strength of 45 employees, Testo is a well known brand in the market. We have completed a successful journey of 10 years adding several customers to our account. We have a certified service and calibration lab catering product expertise and solutions to our clients. With our HO in Pune, 13 home offices in major cities and an extensive channel partners’ network across the country we now serve in multiple industries.

testo-115i-refrigeration-app-30.0-vert-USQ. What product technology you represent?

Testo India provides multiple instruments to various industries. There are distinguished utilities and applications for all the instruments. But if you observe, the necessity for any application is the ease with which the instrument operates, minimum optimal time it requires to perform the test and the convivial feel that is renders to the user. In short, the need is to have a smart technology with smarter instruments, and this is precisely what we deliver. Currently our products are used for data monitoring, Flue gas analysis, combustion and emission controls, Thermography,  Parameter measurement like temperature, humidity, pressure, RPM, Lux, Electrical etc & HVACR. We have identified that with the growing digitization of the working system there is a need to implement a technology that is self driven, convenient and equally efficient. That is how we came up with the ideas of cloud data storage, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth operation & Smartphone integration technique that has simplified the functioning of every industry. All the time consuming, manually driven operations/record keeping can now be governed with just one click, making the process more easy, accurate, fast and reliable.

testo 420 air capture hoodQ. What is the future of your products in India?

As mentioned earlier, the latest trends and technologies that we are witnessing are coming from the digitization of the existing systems. The traditional methods and processes are now getting replaced with smart solutions & we are completely up to date with the advancement prevailing around. Our product range for instance, the air capture hood testo 420 and the new range of Smart Probes equips the users with smart and easy measurement techniques using the smartphone interface. The new Electrical Instruments are very distinct and unique in their features. WiFi Data Loggers – Saveris 2 is an excellent advancement in data monitoring system. With a secure online storage of all readings in Testo Cloud the data can be managed and analyzed online by the user via smartphone, tablet or PC absolutely anywhere and anytime. Our latest solution to the industry is new Thermal Imagers with smartphone integration designed to deliver networked thermography. Their wireless operation, with the easy of saving & transferring data over networks makes our instrument more users friendly and cost effective. Our continuous approach towards innovation, Research & development ensures eminent future of our products which are sure to redefine the overall working experience of Test & Measurement sector.

NEW testo 557 with app & BluetoothQ. What is your vision for forthcoming years?

See, for any organization the foremost necessity is to grow in a successive progression. The aim is always to excel and be the market leader that is how the industry practically works. But apart from the sales that we make, our vision has always been & will be to provide superior quality products and complete solutions to our customers, resolve all their issues and extend our support via service & calibration assistance. We would try to do better in every possible way, and with our cutting edge German technology along with the state-of-the art facilities we hope that we would be able to deliver the best everytime.

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