ROLLON’s “Seventh Axis” system: Designed to maximum solidity & precision


rollon seventh axis camshaft

This is a solution that is capable of transporting large robots with potentially infinite strokes

The Italian company ROLLON has designed its “Seventh Axis” system to increase the range of action of anthropomorphic robots. This product is a sign of further confirmation of the company’s on-going transformation: from mechanical component producer to provider of integrated systems and solutions for industrial automation.

ROLLON, specialized in linear motion systems, is present in India with a direct branch in Bangalore and has developed shuttle systems for moving robots over long distances with elevated dynamics. These systems offer considerable advantages for corporate productivity.

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Inside modern factories, anthropomorphic robots are becoming more and more common because they offer excellent performance, but their arms also limit their range of action. ROLLON has over 40 years of experience in the linear motion sector, and this know-how has allowed them to perfect the Rollon Seventh Axis system, available in seven different sizes, simple to integrate and able to move every type of robot, weighing up to 2000 Kg.

Seventh Axis is designed to offer maximum solidity and precision, thanks to a system of profiles in high rigidity extruded aluminum and other connecting crosspieces. The sliding system was designed with rails with re-circulating rollers, and the drive system uses a pinion and tempered rack with inclined teeth.


  • Simplified mounting and alignment: Thanks to a system of steel crosspieces and feet with two different adjustment systems
  • New technology with aluminum profiles: Aluminum profiles are resistant, light and easy: to assemble
  • Potentially infinite strokes: Thanks to precise jointed versions that are easy to build with self-centering inserts
  • Free-standing, wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted assembly: Each type of solution comes in three different configurations

rollon seventh axis forming

Adjustable feet

Seventh Axis also has adjustable feet to obtain alignment also on surfaces that are not flush, and is complete with a cable-holder chain and end of stroke shock absorbers. The system can easily be integrated and assembled on any robot through a specific system of customizable connection plates and very long strokes. The entire system has several components like the lubrication system for the rack and rubber or gas activated decelerators, depending on the client’s needs.

Seventh Axis guarantees maximum reliability for every work environment, also with applications involving residue from work processes, such as welding or painting. In fact, it is available in three different protection configurations: with a protected rack, with a light cover for the rails and rack, and with a completely pedestrian trafficable cover.

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