Zircoat refractory coating compound, Jyoti Ceramic Industry


Zircoat is a special refractory coating compound with high percentage of Zirconia in its residual.

Zircoat seals the cracks developed on the inside walls of combustion chambers and prevents loss of hot gases escaping through them; thus conserving fuel energy loss which experts conservatively estimate at around 33%.

Advantage of ZIRCOAT

  • Inorganic
  • Water Based
  • Easy to apply by trowelling, brushing or spraying
  • Excellent dry strength
  • Good adhesion
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Reduction in slag adhesion
  • Considerable increase in service life of refractory linings and heating systems


  • Ceramics / Glass
  • Fervous & brass and other nonferrous metals except aluminium
  • Chemicals and fertilizers
  • Pulp and paper
  • Natural and other gases
  • Petroleum and hydrocarbon
  • Iron and steel
  • Marine and shipping
  • Cement
  • Sugar
  • Coating of kiln furniture, graphite and carbon crucibles. Zircoat-HT coating will be of great benefit to use in the above areas as well as in domestic boilers, induction furnaces, rotary kilns, chimneys, ducts, etc., where fuel oil, gas or electricity are used for heating purpose.

Application of zircoat, Jyoti Ceramic

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