MGM Varvel Power Transmission : Transforming profitability through Energy Efficiency

K Ravi - General Manager MGM VARVEL Power Transmission Pvt Ltd
K Ravi
General Manager
MGM VARVEL Power Transmission Pvt Ltd

Q. Please brief us about your company’s Indian and global reach. ?

MGM MOTORI Elettrici SPA is a leading Manufacturer in the Field of Fail Safe Brake motors and STANDARD MOTORS, Head office and Production are located at Serravalle Pistoiese( PT) close to Florence in Italy, MGM is present in more than 50 countries in the World.

Founded in 1955 VARVEL Was the first Manufacturer producing VARIABLE SPEED DRIVES IN ITALY after the WORLD WAR II , Head office and Production at Crespellano close to Bologna Italy, MGM VARVEL POWER TRANSMISSIONS ESTABLISED IN THE YEAR 2011-12 ,and started the assembly unit at Chennai, We are now established brand in the Market addressing to various Markets like CONSTRUCTION,MATERIAL HANDLING, FOOD, POULTRY PACKAGING,PHARMA.CHEMICAL,PLASTIC ,TEXTILE etc.

Q. Please also highlight latest initiatives In your industry domain. ?

MGM Italy are working on various initiatives and one of the latest PRODUCT R SERIES Motors (With Brake /without brake) suitable for operation from 5 HZ TO 120 HZ,

New Range will allow Customer.

  • Constant Torque from 3 HZ TO 120 HZ.
  • Two Size Reduction in dimension compared to a standard motor at same power
  • Frame Size from 56 to 112 with 4 poles are available and produce torque value of 0.4 NM to 37 NM. While frame size between 80 and 132 with 6 Pole produce 3.88 NmTO 54.71 NM which can be supplied only by Invertor .
  • We have both in Standard Motors ( SMR) and in Brake motors( BAR OR BMR) we have already supplied few important samples along with VARVEL WORM/HELICAL Gear boxes,

We will be focusing on segments like Packaging,Plastic,Storage , we are sure this will fetch us new segment of business in the coming Years.

2. VARVEL ITALY is always thriving for new inventions and one of the successful companies in using te Modular Concept gear boxes mainly to ensure a SWIFT DELIVERY to the customers, They are now working on (VARNEXT) SMART GEAR BOX for the future (WORM SERIES ) it is in the process , as we all know the traditional worm gearboxes are filled with Synthetic Oil which always requires the right Oil and the Seals,

The new design Smart Gear box will be using special and advanced thermoplastics with specifically enhanced tribological Properties and to do so use the Self lubricated Thermoplastic Material.

This will be a very useful in Food and Bio Medical applications.

Q. What are market opportunity for your Company products in India?

We have a good mix of product which can address to various Markets in India , Our focus is on segment wise business and we are successful in addressing in Material Handling, Construction , Food,Poultry , Bakery, Machine Tools Plastic , We find few segments are always in the growing path We are definite growing in these segments,
Our Main strength is the combination of Good Quality product and an Effective Delivery period to meet the market requirement.

Q. What is future prospects for your industry?

We see a big change in the coming years as more and more imitative will be on Energy Efficient products and the norms are changing in the motor and Gear Boxes Industry, which will make the Industry to produce high quality products ,
We believe the Industry will be driven by automation it will be playing major roles .

Q. Is there are any plans for To cater the demand of the industry ?

Our biggest strength apart from our QUALITY is our delivery, We are working on this with our Parent company to have the best inventory rotation of Products and provide the effective delivery to the customer,
As we all know the Gear Box Industry works on Low Margins as compared to other Engineering Industries, It is important we venture to new territory and establish good network to address the market which surely improve the Topline and the bottomline of the company,

Q. What is the top line product range an Is there any plan to launch new products?

We are working on a New tie up with IMAK TURKISH Manufacturer for Heavy duty Gear boxes ,we are sure it will help us in addressing the Material Handling & Construction Segments where in we supply Gear Brake Motors which is our Strength,We know it is going to be a challenge for us to face the very Aggressive competition still we are confident to take our share,

Q. What is the vision for your products?

As we are aware of the market and the customer requirements, we are sure the features of the products will be the essence to fulfill more than the customers expectation, which will surely help us in achieving our goal.
Our consistent product performance and the repeat customers ensures that we are in right direction.