Linear Motion Guide, Apex Precision Mechatronix


Linear Motion Guide Apex Precision Mechatronix


4-way equal load rating
Each row of balls is arranged at 450 contact angle so that the LM Guide has equal load ratings in the radial, reverse radial and lateral directions. This allows the LM Guides type HSR to operate with any orientation for a wide range of application.

High rigidity
Given the well-balanced four-row ball arrangement, the LM Guide can be given a sufficient preload. This allows the rigidity of the LM Guide to be increased without any side effect. The mounting bolts and LM block are designed to be strong so that the LM Guides type HSR can be used in heavy-duty machine tools.

Self-adjusting capability
The face-to-face arrangement of the circular arc grooves gives a self-adjusting capability. This allows the LM Guide to offset errors of the mounting surfaces even when the LM Guide is preloaded. The resulting linear motion is very accurate and smooth.

Excellent durability
Given preload or uneven loads, the balls will not produce any differentia; slip so that the balls roll and circulate smoothly. This gives the LM Guide excellent wear resistance so the accuracy can be maintained for a long period.

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