INFOR: The expertise for manufacturing sector


Q. What are the various software Infor provides for the manufacturing sector? Which software from Infor directly caters to discrete manufacturing?

Infor provides cloud-based, industry specific applications for enterprise size manufacturers, fabricators etc. Software such as Infor LN, Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine), Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Infor CRM, Infor EPM, Infor Factory Track, Infor PLM, Infor EAM, a commerce network for trading partners (GT Nexus) and Infor SCM are specifically built for the manufacturing sector. Infor’s ever evolving software helps industries build customer loyalty by enhancing customer experience and gives them a competitive edge. Importantly, we build applications to mirror personal technology so as to engage new-age workforce.

Infor Discrete Manufacturing Essentials is specifically tailored to the unique challenges of the Automotive, Aerospace, High-tech and Electronics, Industrial Equipment and Machinery, and Metal Fabrication industries. The software is compatible all major operating systems and database platforms, which enables firms in different segments to supports lean manufacturing processes among repetitive, make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order and Assemble-to-order manufacturing modes. Software like CRM for Discrete Manufacturing, Infor Configure Price Quote for Discrete Manufacturing are specifically for discrete manufacturers which enables them to maximize the impact of customer interaction with modern architecture in the office and out in the field.

Q. Who are the clients (India) who have benefitted with Infor solutions? ( customers + solution )

One of our recent clients, Century Metal Recycling (CMR) anticipates enhanced operational efficiency and reduced costs following go-live with Infor LN. The CMR Group is the largest producer of aluminum-based die cast alloys and zinc alloys in India, with an annual production capacity of 218,000MT for aluminum alloys and 8,000 MT for zinc alloys. Infor’s in-depth product knowledge and excellent support from Infor Consulting Services (CoE) helped achieve a successful implementation. We deployed an integrated system that replaces all previously distributed systems, making it possible to reduce costs and eliminate many operational issues. Additionally, the solution provides real-time visibility into data, so management can make better, more timely decisions.

Q. Infor recently held an event in Aurangabad with CII. What were the main discussion points?

The event in Aurangabad jointly organized with CII (Confederation of Indian Industry), was well attended by manufacturing companies from Aurangabad. The topic of discussion was around ‘Future of Manufacturing – Embracing the Digital Revolution’.

Interesting insights around the following points emerged from the discussion

  • Disruptive changes in Manufacturing such as IoT, Big Data, Smart sensors, Robotics etc.
  • Current state of technology adoption in the factory floor
  • Challenges impacting the manufacturing setup and competitive environment
  • Modern customer demands
  • Solutions and best practices being applied to address these challenges.

Q. How important is digitization for the discrete manufactures now?

Concerns of the manufacturing industry include pressures to improve performance owing to increasing competition. Additionally, supply chain partners, contractors, fabricators and suppliers all tend to gravitate to companies that are easy to do business with and who enjoy the conveniences of modern solutions. Technology adoption seems to be the clear strategy to resolve this and Digital Transformation is not just a buzzword but the reality in the industry today. However, the shift is that many technologies that were considered disruptive only a few years ago have already received substantial traction and are largely considered “must have” capabilities. Mobility, for example, has moved from the “nice to have” category to a standard way manufacturers connect with colleagues, collaborate with partners, and gain access to critical data, anytime, anywhere. The IDC report says 74 percent of manufacturers are using mobility solutions today, with that figure expected to reach 98 percent by 2020. Cloud deployment is another technology that is quickly gaining traction among manufacturers. The early resistance to cloud solutions for critical applications is steadily eroding. IDC says 52 percent of surveyed manufacturers are already seeing major impact from cloud technologies. The landscape is fast evolving and it is very important for manufacturers to remain relevant in this highly competitive environment and keep with the change.