FLIR T640 Thermal Imaging System


With the high performance FLIR T640 Thermal Imaging Camera, you can troubleshoot, find and report problems faster

FLIR T640 Thermal Imaging SystemPredictive maintenance Technology have increased in recent years with advances technologies. Among all, one of the most reliable and dependable tool for predictive maintenance is Thermal camera, the ability to detect and visualize an object’s profile temperature at a safe distance in operational mode.

For example, a loose or corroded electrical connection results in abnormally elevated connection temperatures due to increased electrical resistance. Before the connection is hot enough to result in equipment failure, the patterns are easily seen through a thermal imaging camera, the condition identified and corrected.

With the high performance FLIR T640 Thermal Imaging Camera help you to troubleshooting, find and report problems faster. Featured all the imaging capability you need and you want when you’ve got a demanding workload.

The T640 has been the most advanced and demanding handheld tool in electrical and mechanical industries. Applications such as electrical substation maintenance, transmission lines, transformers, solar plant are ideal for that. FLIR T640 provides the power, accuracy and reporting detail needed for high-value complex applications. Design with FLIR’s patent MSX and Ultramax technique on-board 5 MP visual camera, precision IR resolution 640 x 480 deliver 307,200 pixels with Thermal sensitivity <0.03°C that gave high quality thermal image to identify problems easily lies in range -40°C to 2000°C and offer +/– 2°C of reading accuracy. Additionally, available with PC Software and built-in features for greater efficiency like Touchscreen, GPS & Compass, Annotation and Illumination and interchangeable lens options with autofocus and 2-10 year’s warranty.

This Thermal Camera combine excellent ergonomics with superior image quality, providing the ultimate image clarity and accuracy plus extensive communication possibilities which makes it useful tool for predictive maintenance.

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