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A. Venkatakrishnan,Market Consultant – INDIA, PC|SCHEMATIC A/s
A. Venkatakrishnan,Market Consultant – INDIA, PC|SCHEMATIC A/s

Please brief us about company’s Indian & global infrastructure?

Our global infrastructure platform consists of a worldwide network of dedicated distributors, selling our electrical CAD software, PC|SCHEMATIC Automation. This infrastructure has been carefully nurtured since 1978, when our company was founded. Beyond selling our software, these distributors provide high quality training and technical support to our many international customers.

In India, we are expanding our network of distributors. This network guarantees that we can always provide high quality training and technical support to our many Indian customers.

Please also highlight the latest initiatives in your industry domain?

We find it important to make it easy for our users to create professional electrical documentation following international standards. This is for instance very important when exporting machines to countries that requires electrical documentation according to standards. Therefore, we recently updated our bestselling handbook “Electrical documentation according to standards”, which makes it very easy for professionals implement the electrical standards.

What are the market opportunities for your company’s products in India?

Fortunately, there are many intelligent and well-educated professionals in India, that clearly understand how they can save time and money using our software. So we continuously have a huge amount of professionals downloading the free version of our software, PC|SCHEMATIC Automation 40. As long as professionals continue downloading our software, and as long as we continue the positive dialogue with these professionals, our market continues to grow. The number of prospects are continuously increasing, and we expect a dramatic increase in the number of sold licences on the Indian market.

What is the future prospect for your industry?

Many professionals in the Indian market have already realised, that PC|SCHEMATIC Automation is a very advanced electrical CAD software that is extremely easy to work with. Our new YouTube channel makes it even easier to get started working with motor control circuits, house installations and plc’s. So it has become even easier getting started creating professional electrical documentation.
As the market becomes more mature and open to following the international standards, the market will also find that PC|SCHEMATIC Automation is the best product for following these standards easily – as it is also the best product for easily setting up individual company standards, in order to work as competently and effectively as possible.

Are there any plans for expansion & new investment in terms of product development or new technology adoption to cater the demand of the industry?

We have always developed our software in close dialogue with dedicated professionals in the industry. This very close dialogue has been the key element in turning our software into such a strong product, and has made PC|SCHEMATIC Automation so easy to work with for electrical professionals. We are also active members of the relevant standards committees in order to ensure, that our software follows the international standards, and to ensure that the standards develop in the right direction for professionals worldwide.
Therefore, we also have a very clear picture of which new products the industry needs. This deep knowledge is our solid foundation when further developing our electrical CAD software, PC|SCHEMATIC Automation, as well as when developing new software products. We therefore always invest in meeting the needs of the industry in each of the annual version releases of PC|SCHEMATIC Automation.

What is the top line product range & Are there any plans to launch new products?

Our top line product is definitely PC|SCHEMATIC Automation. Recently we released the PC|SCHEMATIC Cable manager software for managing and routing cables, and easily keeping track of all elements in cable frameworks at construction projects. We expect this product to become almost as successful as the Automation software.

What is your vision for your company?

The vision for us at PC|SCHEMATIC is very clear: We want to keep PC|SCHEMATIC Automation in the position as the most powerful and intuitive electrical CAD software on the market, at a still reasonable price. Therefore, we continuously make our software more powerful, while always focusing on presenting these new advanced functionalities intuitively to our many international users. However, the most important for us, is that we help our customers to achieve success. Because when our customers succeed, we succeed as well. This is the very foundation of how we run our business. In India as well as internationally.

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