Precision Storage Vessels Pvt. Ltd.

Precision Storage Vessels Pvt. Ltd.

Precision Storage Vessels Pvt Ltd is a highly specialized storage tank manufacturer concentrating in hot water storage tanks, Electric hot water heaters, Indirect heated water heaters, Oil or Gas fired stand alone water heaters, Compressed Air tanks, Air Receivers, Diesel tanks, Feed water tanks, Air separators, LPG tanks, Blow down Vessels, Chilled Water Buffer Tanks, and other products in pressure vessels category.

Our mission is to satisfy customers by providing the highest quality pressure vessels, satisfying all regulatory standards legal requirements and satisfying individual requirements by providing long lasting products at very competitive rates.
We serve markets all over the world. We are capable of meeting any design standards or custom designs. We guarantee the best possible delivery dates without demanding any extra money.

We provide expert technical advice in selection of the right type of tank, right type of linings, working pressure, supports etc.
Each product manufactured in our facilities represents a new different and exactly made to meet your requirement.
All pressure vessels are manufactured individually as per your requirement.

Kalpadi (P.O)
Via Vellichanthai, Near Vellimalai
Kanyakumari District, Pin 629204
Tamilnadu, India.