Hanna Equipments India Pvt. Ltd.

Hanna Equipments

Hanna Instruments was founded in Padova, Italy in 1978 by Anna and Oscar Nardo and is currently headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. It’s presently headed by their children, Pamela and Martino Nardo. With over 60 offices in 43 countries worldwide, Hanna continues to grow to meet the demand for its products in a variety of industries. Over the years, Hanna has been at the forefront of technology and innovation.

The philosophy of the Nardo family has always been to be able to supply customers around the world with practical, cost-effective solutions for their testing needs. When Hanna introduced the pHep® pH (pH Electronic Paper) tester in 1986 it literally revolutionized the world of testing. Millions of people from various industries were now capable of testing pH simply, accurately and affordability. This is the basis for the winning philosophy strongly embedded in Hanna. When we introduced the world’s first single parameter series of automatic titrators dedicated to food analysis in 2005, we put thousands of users from around the world in the position to improve the quality of their product by performing their own in-house analytical tests. The driving philosophy that has been a Hanna trademark for over three decades has enabled us to provide the right instrumentation to our customers with world class service and support.

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