Galaxy Earthing Electrodes (P) Ltd.

Galaxy Earthing Electrodes

A team of technical comrades assembled together, commenced the Research & Development trail, continued for years together and ultimate results were concluded and applied for patent rights in the year 2006. Since this effort was meant for safety purpose, repeated trailing has been made for its core of perfection based on the code of practice in force.Well.

Why for this innovation? What is the necessary for this R & D ?

Yes, these efforts and transitions are for the safety to electrical & electronic machineries and gadgets especially for human beings also. It was told that in the year 1856, the use of electricity in India was brought out by the foreigners (the earlier rulers) with the infrastructure available at that time in our country. They made some temporary repulsive measures for grounding by using morbid iron pipes, copper plates, charcoal & salt. The equipments and gadgets were also designed & manufactured in such a way to withstand by the method of grounding / earthing for electrical use. This morbid earthing system is being continued to till date without much changes and no revolution in the earthing system. On the contrary, much modernized & sensitive components are being used now days for which no appropriate growth / inventions in the grounding / earthing system except the same traditional methods and hence this intention of innovation which has fetched very good results for electrical safety.

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