BOGE KOMPRESSOREN showcases pioneering compressed air solutions


BOGE KOMPRESSOREN - compressed air solutionsEveryone’s talking about Industry 4.0 and energy efficiency in compressed air systems. But real innovation means leading the field in knowledge and technology: under the motto “Designed to take the lead,” BOGE KOMPRESSOREN is showcasing pioneering compressed air solutions at ComVac at Hannover Messe Trade Fair. One of the highlights at Stand B 56 in Hall 26 is the S-4 Optimus screw compressor. This machine is a development study showing how “quiet, efficient and smart” will look in the future. BOGE is also presenting the new K 15 N2 BOOSTER, which can now also compress nitrogen.

Investment in research and development is part of BOGE Kompressoren’s business strategy. As a financially independent family business, the system supplier focuses on specialist compressed air solutions, and uses its flexibility to quickly respond to growing customer demands. This is reflected in its range of products and services. The S-4 Optimus screw compressor follows on from the S-4 series launched at the end of last year. BOGE is thus presenting a product which is ahead of current technological standards. “It takes courage to innovate. At BOGE we dare to dream of the seemingly impossible, and this is how we unlock new technological potential,” says Thorsten Meier, managing director at BOGE KOMPRESSOREN.

There is a 75 kW S-4 Optimus prototype at the exhibition stand. The machine is the first step in the development of a new series which will be even more reliable, more energy-efficient and smarter in terms of control than the systems commercially available. As far as piston compressors go, BOGE is exhibiting its new K 15 N2 BOOSTER. For the first time this system is now able to compress nitrogen for example from an upstream PSA generator to a higher final pressure – flexible operation 100% free of oil. The compressor compresses dry gases between 2 and 10 bar with pressure dew points as low as –40 °C. The free air delivery rate is 2,418 l/min with a drive power of 11 kW and final pressures between 16 and 32 bar. A typical application example is laser cutting.

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