Bettinelli – A formidable name in motion control & automation

Mr. Rupesh Paparaju, Director, Bettinelli Automation Components, India
Mr. Rupesh Paparaju, Director, Bettinelli Automation Components, India

Bettinelli S.p.A, established in 1953, specializes in the development and manufacturing of precision motion control components and systems. In 1996 a separate division named CDS Cam Driven Systems was created for engineering solutions in automation and motion technology.

CDS produces the widest range of mechanical Cam Driven Units, commonly known as rotary / indexing tables for precision motion control applications, requiring rotary or linear transfer, positioning and handling. The products range includes, cam indexing and servo-driven tables, ring positioning drives, intermittent and oscillating drives with parallel or right angle configuration, rotary & linear part handlers, precision link transfer systems, and epicycloidal servo reducers.

Bettinelli - Parallel Shaft Indexer
Parallel Shaft Indexer

Wide ranging products

The broad product spectrum covers IP parallel shaft indexers, IT roller dial indexing tables, TR roller dial  indexing tables, HP roller dial indexing tables, IG/IGA roller gear indexer, TL precision link conveyors, MHP/LHP part handlers, FT-HT open center ring tables and packages of rotary indexing tables. Bettinelli has a wide range of standard products.  These are delivered in 3 weeks. When it comes to customized products, these are designed, manufactured and shipped in 6-8 weeks. The manufacturing takes place centrally in Italy. The regimen starts with design & engineering, CNC induction hardening, CNC milling, grinding, quality check and then assembly, painting and shipment.  In order to ensure quality, all components are machined internally, including the cam hardening by a proprietary CNC controlled induction hardening equipment. For better finish, the products are also subjected to chemical nickel plating, blasting and painting. The manufacturing process is constantly controlled to conform to international standards. The company’s quality systems are ISO-9001-2008 certified.

The company has its own subsidiaries to look after sales and service in Germany, France, United States, India, and China and representative companies in other countries such as Spain, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Bettinelli - Roller Gear Indexers
Roller Gear Indexers

Strategic advantages

Over the years, Bettinelli Group and CDS Indexers have become synonymous with high quality automation products and technologies. “Our design and manufacturing systems have furnished competitive and strategic advantages to numerous industries in pharmaceutical, automobile, manufacturing, packaging and a plethora of other sectors. And for automation functions, our solutions are invariably preferred by companies,” says Rupesh Paparaju, Director, Bettinelli Automation Components, India. The Indian subsidiary, headquartered in Pune, serves its customers in India by providing installation, commissioning, and after-sales support. It also offers technical consultation.

In the pharmaceutical industry cam driven systems are used in filling, blister pack, tablet making and packaging machines. In automobile industry, they are used in pallet transfer tables, assembly machines, painting applications and test rigs, just to mention a few. In machining industry, they are used with advantage in deburring, lapping and pressing machines and in transfer lines. In SPM & robotics, they find applications in transfer lines, station loading, sequential operations and so on.  Inwelding, these indexers are inevitable in positioners, synchronous welding, robotic welding and component transfer.  Packaging too is a major application area. Cam systems are used in box filling machines, wrapping machines, cartoning and capping machines. Indexers are also used in casting, printing and cosmetics industries.

Bettinelli - Rotary Indexing Tables, TR Series
Rotary Indexing Tables, TR Series

Features galore

The Bettinelli products are easy to install, they can run at a speed of 800 cycles per minute; there is no wear & tear and hence they entail zero maintenance. Designed to give high accuracy (+-20 microns), these systems also feature zero backlash. CDS Indexers are known for durability. Thanks to the friction followers, they do not break or need to be replaced. They can bear higher loads compared to needle-based followers.  Compact cast aluminium alloy housing, double extended cam-shaft, CNC case hardened cam-profiles, etc. are the salient features lending to high productivity.

Bettinelli - Part Handlers – Linear & Rotary
Part Handlers – Linear & Rotary

CDS underlines precision in operations. Repeatability of +/- 0.02 mm at cam follower, Airtight special aluminium alloy housing, Flanged through-hole input and out-put shafts supported by large preloaded tapered roller bearings, and Oscillating and customized cam motion are some of the elements facilitating this.

CDS customization leads to adaptability. Customized size, stops, input shaft, threads & tooling on output flange, bores on the housing and a number of other features like prearrangement for gearbox connection, etc. contribute to this attribute.

Bettinelli - High Precision Fast Link Conveyor, TL Series
High Precision Fast Link Conveyor, TL Series

Proximity to the customer

The Indian arm of Bettinelli, based in Pune, Bettinelli Automation Components Pvt. Ltd., is highly customer-centric.  “Our presence in India means quite something in fostering a symbiotic relationship with our customers. It helps us to match our world-class products with our eminent customer support,” underlines Paparaju, Director, who has built up a team to improve Bettinelli’s response time. “CDS are high-tech products which lend themselves to enhance the operational efficiency and productivity at the customer’s end. We stay close to the customer to understand his needs and offer customized solutions within the shortest possible time to ensure peak uptime of his equipment and operations”, he adds.
Bettinelli is participating in INTEC-2017 in Coimbatore to put up an impressive show of its capabilities and offerings to the automation industry.

– P.K. Balasubbramaniian