Actuator System Line: The Rollon’s new line of solutions for Industrial Automation.

Rollon - Actuator System Line: solutions for industrial automation
Actuator System Line: solutions for industrial automation

The ROLLON Group is based in Vimercate (MB-Italy) and has branches in Germany, France, the United States, China, India and Japan. Present on the international market, Rollon offers one of the world’s most complete ranges, which includes linear and telescopic rails, and actuators for linear motion in many sectors.

In recent years, ROLLON has embarked on an effective development process that has enabled them to create solutions for industrial automation and integrated mechanical systems. They have expanded their range with increasingly complex, technologically advanced auxiliary products that can guarantee high performance in several industrial areas, such as the large appliance, automotive and machine tools sectors.

Actuator System Line falls into this strategic context, which aims to provide the market with the most complete range of solutions for integrated automation. The company presents itself as a “solution provider” for linear motion systems.

Numerous end markets and a close relationship with its clientele are ROLLON’s strong points: its product range is known for high quality standards, attentive pre-sales support and precise product customization, which is able to solve concrete production problems and generate significant competitive advantages.

Rollon, a unique supplier of a complete range

With the new Actuator System Line, ROLLON has positioned itself as a global partner, able to provide a complete range of integrated mechanical solutions for every type of need and application.

The Actuator System Line is really an evolution of the Actuator Line,  ROLLON’s  linear actuators with high functionality and technical performance used in several applications designed for automation and industrial machines, such as pick & place for packaging lines, automation of machine tools in production lines and assembly operations in several different industrial sectors – including automotive, semiconductors, packaging and food.

Actuator System Line Product Range

Seventh Axis

Rollon - Seventh Axis
Seventh Axis

Seventh Axis was created from ROLLON’s extensive know-how, gained in over 40 years in the field of actuators and Cartesian robots. This new line is a solution for all applications in which the range of action of anthropomorphic robots is limited by the length of their arms. Designed to offer maximum solidity and precision, thanks to a system of high rigidity extruded aluminum profiles, Seventh Axis is available in 7 sizes. It is simple to integrate and able to move any type of robot, up to 2,000 Kg.

The sliding system is available in a version with recirculating rollers or balls, and the drive system uses a belt or pinion and tempered rack with inclined teeth. Seventh Axis has adjustable feet to obtain alignment also on irregular surfaces, and is complete with a cable-holder chain and rubber or gas powered end of stroke shock absorbers. It can be made to provide potentially infinite strokes, thanks to the precise, easily built versions with self-centering inserts, and can be mounted on the ground, the wall or the ceiling.

Telescopic Actuator

Rollon - Telescopic Actuator
Telescopic Actuator

An innovative telescopic actuator with belt drive synchronized for efficient linear movement that also occupies a small amount of space. Extremely compact in the closed position, it can be used in different configurations and directions thanks to the possibility of vertical, horizontal and wall-mounted installation. The new telescopic actuator is able to move loads in equal distances in both directions, due to the stroke length equal to or greater than its own length in the closed position: for example, a 1500 mm system can extend by 1500 mm in one direction or its opposite. The telescopic solution guarantees greater availability of space and the possibility to automate machines, so that operators can step back and close the doors or protection guards.

Multi-Axes Pick & Place

This is the versatile multi-carriage system designed to automate processing stations. This system links the vertical axes with rigid connections, and can therefore move very long lines also with systems with short belts. The Z-axes are equipped with a pneumatic load compensation system inside the aluminum profile. This allows the use of a smaller motor also for heavier loads, with the resulting reduction in size of machinery and energy savings.  These Linear rails can have bearing or ball recirculating systems for different load capacities, technical performance and work environments.

Rollon - Multi-Axes Pick & Place
Multi-Axes Pick & Place

Transfer Press

This is a versatile solution for handling metal sheet, which combines high precision positioning with high technical and cyclical performance. Designed as the main element in a system with a series of presses, it can be combined with loading/unloading systems. Transfer Press, available also for significant lengths, manages suspended loads in a cantilever configuration while maintaining one side of the press series free for other operations.

Multi Gantry

Multi-axis machine with belt, rack, screw driven or hybrid drive. The modularity and vast range of ROLLON linear actuators allows for a wide possibility of configurations for Cartesian systems, and offers a high level of customization with specific solutions for the most diverse needs.


Mostly used in the automotive sector, this translating solution can lift and move pieces on multi-station systems that can be very long.  Horizontal movement, consolidated with vertical movement, takes place by sliding on polyamide wheels with a rack and pinion drive, while lifting is carried out through column modules with ball recirculation and screw driven transmission.

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